Top 10 Tracks

  1. Layla (Derek & the Dominoes)
  2. Killer Queen (Queen)
  3. Nothing Else Matters (Metallica)
  4. I Used to Love Her (Guns ‘n’ Roses)
  5. Green Fields of France (Eric Fogle or The Men They Couldn’t Hang)
  6. Sultans of Swing (Dire Straits)
  7. Faerie Feller Masterstroke (Queen)
  8. Silver Machine (Hawkwind)
  9. Saving Me (Nickleback)
  10.  Trust instrumental (|Megadeth)

Other really good tracks, but not quite Top 10 stuff:

  •  Sway (Bic Runga)
  • The Hooded Man (Clannad)
  • Home Loving Man (Andy Williams) (honest – it’s really good!)
  • Thunderstruck (AC/DC)
  • Fear of the Dark (Iron Miden)
  • Enter the Sandman (Metallica)
  • Give In To Me (Michael Jackson, with  Slash)

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